Who runs ProjectKorra?

There is a volunteer staff team that helps maintain ProjectKorra: from developers and digital media people, to server admins and moderators! Despite the staff team however, ProjectKorra heavily relies on its community and would not successful without it.

How can I get involved with ProjectKorra?

Absolutely anyone can become involved with ProjectKorra. We have many departments that we would love for people to be involved in, such as Development, Moderation, Server Building, or Digital Team. Apply by clicking here to go to our staff applications!

How can I report a bug?

We encourage all bugs, big and small, be reported in the proper bug report section of the forum. Please report bugs here in the corresponding category and they will be fixed ASAP.


If one of the plugins you’re attempting to report a bug for is outdated, look for if your bug was fixed in the updated version. If there isn’t an updated version, post the bug and it will be fixed ASAP, or it might have been fixed in an unreleased version of the plugin.

ProjectKorra Core Bugs

How can I suggest a feature?

As said before, we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the community, so we absolutely encourage members to suggest features! Suggestions do not need to be based off of something you had seen in the show, rather, they must remain practical. You can make suggestions by clicking here to go to our forums. Please ensure that your suggestion is not a duplicate of another already posted!