Who runs ProjectKorra?

ProjectKorra relies on a volunteer staff team composed of many different teams: developers, digital media, moderators, and server staff. In addition, ProjectKorra heavily relies on its community and would not be successful without it.

How can I get involved with ProjectKorra?

Absolutely anyone can become involved with ProjectKorra. Apply by clicking here to go to our staff applications!

How can I report a bug?

We encourage all bugs, big and small, be reported in the proper bug report section of the forum. Please report bugs here in the corresponding category and they will be fixed ASAP.


Bugs reported for earlier versions of a plugin may have already been fixed. Please verify that bugs reported are for the latest version of the plugin you are using.

ProjectKorra Core Bugs

How can I suggest a feature?

We encourage members to make suggestions! Suggestions do not need to be based off of something you had seen in the show, but they should remain practical. You can make suggestions by clicking here to go to our forums. Please ensure that your suggestion is not a duplicate of another already posted!

Where can I download ProjectKorra?

The latest release of ProjectKorra is 1.9.0, which is compatible with Spigot 1.16. You can download it here.

Does ProjectKorra work for X version?

ProjectKorra’s latest release, 1.9.0, was designed for Spigot 1.16. If you installed it on a different version of Spigot, the plugin would not be guaranteed to work properly. Using ProjectKorra with versions other than the ones stated above is not recommended.

How do I install ProjectKorra on my server?

First, download ProjectKorra from the link above. Then, place the .jar file you downloaded into your server’s “plugins” folder. Finally, restart your server.

How do I get the bending sideboard that shows my bound abilities?

ProjectKorra currently doesn’t come with a bending sideboard. You’d have to install a side plugin for this. The well-known side plugins JedCore and ProjectAddons come with bending boards, but they also include a myriad of addon abilities. The download links for both side plugins can be found below; to install them you’d download the .jar file and put it in your server’s “plugins” folder.


These side plugins are addons and are not maintained by ProjectKorra, and ProjectKorra developers may not be able to offer support with them.

JedCore download for Minecraft 1.15/1.14 ProjectAddons download for Minecraft 1.16

How do I use ProjectKorra on singleplayer?

ProjectKorra is a Spigot plugin, and plugins are intended for multiplayer servers. You can either try the Avatar Mod 2, which is not the same as ProjectKorra, or you could make your own multiplayer server, install ProjectKorra, and just not portforward or tell others about it, basically making it a singleplayer experience. You can download the Avatar Mod 2 here.