ProjectKorra Team

The ProjectKorra team is comprised of volunteers who work on various aspects of the plugin! Many of these volunteers are developers, but there are several other positions!

Meet the Team


Admins are responsible for the day to day operations of ProjectKorra.

Member Position MC Avatar
MistPhizzle Admin & Founder mist
OmniCypher Project Lead omnicypher

Development Team

The Development Team is the backbone of ProjectKorra. Their main responsibilities include maintaining our projects’ code and responding to bug-reports.

If you want to become a developer, click the link below to apply.

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Lead Developers

Sobki Lead Developer sobki


AlexTheCoder Developer alexthecoder
Coolade Developer coolade
Finn_Bueno_ Developer finnbueno
Jacklin213 Developer jacklin213
plasmarob Developer plasmarob
Simplicitee Developer simp
StrangeOne101 Developer strangeone101
Varhagna Developer varhagna

Junior Developers

Junior Developers are developers in training. They help out where they can and work on expanding their skills to eventually become developers

Mod Developers

Mod Developers work on the modded side of ProjectKorra. They are responsible for maintaining Avatar Mod 2: Out of the Iceberg, which you can find here.

FavouriteDragon Forge Developer favourite
Mahtaran Forge Developer mahtaran
Mnesikos Forge Developer mnesikos

Bug Testers

Bug testers work on quality assurance. They are the ones who vigourously test ProjectKorra plugins to make sure they are usuable.

TheWaterChief Bug Tester waterchief

Digital Team

The Digital Team focuses making ProjectKorra look good. Their main responsibilities include making videos, maintaining our wiki, and managing social media.

If you want to join the digital team, click the link below to apply

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Jacksonnn Wiki Maintainer jackson

Server Team

The Server Team gives players a unique ProjectKorra experience. Their main responsibility is maintaining the official server.

Server Admins

Hades909 Server Admin hades
Aether Server Admin aether

Build Team

The Build Team is responsible for constructing our servers arenas and beautiful maps.

Moderation Team

The Moderation Team ensures the community runs smoothly and that players always have a good ProjectKorra experience. Their main responsibility is maintaining the official Discord server and forums.


Pickle9775 Moderator pickle9775
HadesDude Moderator hadesdude