Elements and Abilities

Each element has a variety of abilities that can be used for combat, exploration, and gathering resources. Below are outlines of each element and the abilities they contain.


Air is the element of freedom. Airbenders are quick, agile, and passive in nature, preferring to bob and weave through flurries of attacks, and defending if they have no other option.

Airbending abilities focus on mobility and evasiveness, limiting their combat potential.


Earth is the element of substance. Earthbenders stay rooted to the ground, preferring to face opponents head-on, using a mix of defensive and offensive strategies to crush their foes.

Earthbending abilities focus on strengthening and defending oneself.


Fire is the element of power. Firebenders are very aggressive and powerful, choosing to overwhelm their opponents with an endless onslaught of offensive attacks.

Firebending abilities focus on boosting combat potential and destroying obstacles.


Water is the element of change. Waterbenders use their plethora of skills to redirect and manipulate opponents attacks against them.

Waterbending abilities focus on rapidly shifting between mobility, offense, and defense.


Chiblocking is the anti-bending fighting style. Chiblockers use critically placed kicks and punches to block chi paths in bender’s bodies disabling their bending.

Chiblocking abilities focus on close quarters combat and countering bending abilities.